Artful gifts are gender free!

Let’s assume men love gifts as much as women do! Now let’s think about the occasions where men deserve gifts:  Father’s Day, of course; birthdays; retirements; anniversaries; maybe just plain ‘thank yous’!

With that in mind, let’s introduce the idea of breaking the gender-biased rule that men need manly things as gifts! (I’m referring to the power tool, craft beer, bow tie sort of gift.)  If they want it, they will get it on their nickel, and it will be the exact brand, flavor, or color they want, right?  A gift of art CAN be gender-free yet man-pleasing!  Here are some examples:

Hand-turned pens look very executive and make major impressions at staff meetings and sales presentations.

Pizza cutters and ice cream scoops, also hand-turned, are just plain impressive and fun for foodies.

Hand-blown glass paper weights or business card holders create ‘instant art’ additions to a desk — and every working spot needs a touch of art.

Hand-crafted 3-D items made from wood with beautiful grain and fascinating textures become life-long treasures!  Think bowls make from tree burls, clocks in sculptural shapes, lidded boxes and more.

Ceramic mugs and jars are soooo versatile!  (Yes, they go with craft beer.) They also hold desk supplies or flowers from the garden.

Of course, art for the wall makes a terrific gift, and every time it’s in sight, he’ll think of YOU!

Not sure yet? A gift certificate for custom framing might help your guy unearth that ‘art fair find’ that they’ve been thinking about framing for years.

Yes, you’ll find it all here at “Art and Frame on Main” where you support local business and Iowa artists simultaneously! It’s also where we treat you very special and gift wrap for free!

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