Avoid mishaps when hanging art on the wall!

You’ve had something custom framed or you just purchased a new treasure for your wall. The worst thing you can do is hang it on a nail (maybe worse yet, something plastic.)  Why? A nail in wall board can cut its way down to a position where the artwork’s wire will slip right off.  Then, crash!  The frame is nicked, the glass is broken, and probably something below the artwork has collateral damage as well.

There are TWO important ways to avoid this:  First, use the ‘nail and hook combo’ recommended by professional custom framers.  Second, be sure the art is hanging on the hook – not just the nail!

How?  Rather than sliding the artwork down over the nail and hook (which we’ve all done – and the wire catches on the nail 90% of the time), SLIDE the artwork from the side, with one hand on the wire until you feel it catch on the hook.  If the artwork is heavy or large, enlist a friend to support it.  Then straighten it up, using a level if needed.

Trust your custom framer to give you the correct nail and hook combo for your artwork. The weight of the artwork dictates the type of nail AND wire for best display. A mirror or something cumbersome may call for “Wall-Buddies,” while a horizontal piece is best with two nails to avoid teeter-tottering on the wall.

Hang your new artwork correctly — and enjoy!!                         Something new to frame?  Call ahead @ 641-752-5737.

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