Let’s Love It – Not Lose It!

After announcing my desire to retire at the end of this year, I constantly hear “But I LOVE this shop; it would be so sad to lose it!” Everyone seems to link my retirement with a shop closure – which is NOT my desire!! I want to find someone, or some organization, that will pick up where I’ll leave off … Read More

Three Reasons to Get It Framed This Fall

The promise of a change of season is in the air! This morning, I could almost smell it. It’s a time of preparing for changes ahead, and this might include getting that custom framing project done. Read on for three reasons why it’s smart to get it framed THIS FALL. Fall typically means moving your attention to the inside of … Read More

Aftermath of Tornado

It’s been 6 days since a tornado changed the face of Marshalltown, Iowa. People seem to have an uncanny ability to remember and recall “where I was when XYZ tragedy occurred” right? This is mine. The 3-minute experience: Two of my employees and I were working on preparations for our city’s annual art festival when cell phones blared storm warnings … Read More

Artful gifts are gender free!

Let’s assume men love gifts as much as women do! Now let’s think about the occasions where men deserve gifts:  Father’s Day, of course; birthdays; retirements; anniversaries; maybe just plain ‘thank yous’! With that in mind, let’s introduce the idea of breaking the gender-biased rule that men need manly things as gifts! (I’m referring to the power tool, craft beer, … Read More

Your Personalized Senior Picture Strategy

Whether it’s from high school or college, graduation is a momentous time!  Parents memorialize this milestone in a variety of ways, and the most common is to frame some favorite photos.  Here are tips for great personalized results without breaking the bank: Working with a professional photographer?   You don’t have to opt for the 11 X 14 portrait on heavy mounting … Read More

You won when Pam went to Vegas!

Creating client satisfaction — no, client delight — was the focus of my learning during the annual convention of the Professional Picture Framers’ Association.  Held in Las Vegas, due to the size of the partnering trade show, this event was FULL of opportunities and resources to help me help YOU!  Some specific examples: If you are a business or corporation, … Read More

“I need a gift!”

Nearly every day, one or more visitors to the gallery come in and say, “I need a gift, and I know I’ll find the right thing here.” They may add that it needs to be unbreakable, or packable, or under a certain dollar amount, but they rarely have a specific wishlist. And 99% of the time, we help them feel … Read More

The Gift of Custom Framing Lasts a Lifetime

‘What to give!?!’  It’s a challenge that faces all of us at some time, and custom framing might be the perfect solution!  Anniversaries, graduations, weddings, retirements, special milestones — even times of grief — are all occasions that people mention when they come into the gallery with a treasure to be framed. A custom-framed gift will be treasured for a … Read More

Gallery Moments

LJ Gallery Moments is a “sky’s the limit’  service now offered at Art & Frame on Main! Essentially, it allows customers to transform a digital image on their smart phone or digital camera into EXCLUSIVE ART for your walls. Nothing new, you say! True, you can do this at your local discount pharmacy, or big box place, or with dozens … Read More

“Fall Frenzy”

“Fall Frenzy” was almost called ‘Three-Day Flurry of Phenomenally Fun Finds for Art-Loving Friends” but that is a bit overboard! So what, really, will be happening here at Art & Frame on Main during October 23 through 25? First, visitors will find some wonderful ‘orphaned art’ on display and up for bid in a 3-day silent auction. Pictured above is … Read More