FIVE smart reasons to REFRAME

It’s likely that most of us have something in our home or office that could benefit from reframing – even those of us who do this professionally! Maybe the item was inherited or perhaps it’s an art festival treasure in a ready-made frame.  It could simply have been framed long ago.  See if any of these five reasons to reframe … Read More

Avoid mishaps when hanging art on the wall!

You’ve had something custom framed or you just purchased a new treasure for your wall. The worst thing you can do is hang it on a nail (maybe worse yet, something plastic.)  Why? A nail in wall board can cut its way down to a position where the artwork’s wire will slip right off.  Then, crash!  The frame is nicked, … Read More

Who’s Who at “Art After Hours” in August

 One of 8 Midwest artists participating in “Art After Hours” in August is Elizabeth Rhoads Read of Cedar Rapids, pictured left with gallery owner, Pam Swarts. “Art After Hours” connects art lovers with guest artists and their new artwork!  The August 2017 opening, Friday, August 18th, 4:00 t0 6:30 pm, features 8 central Iowa artists and their original 3-D work. … Read More

Finding Clues in Wedding Registries

Throwing someone off-guard is never my intention!   When a visitor in the gallery mentions needing a wedding gift but having no idea of the couple’s taste, I open my laptop and ask for bridal registry details. This usually draws a startled look and an expression such as “I wanted to avoid those big box stores. That’s why I’m here!” So … Read More

Art After Hours

Opening Reception of “Art With Attitude” Friday, August 18th, 4 – 6:30 pm Meet several artists whose creations reflect high levels of originality in mixed media, found object, assemblage, and 3-D art. Take home a conversation piece — and a great story — for home or office!

Our “Meet in the Middle” offer

When friends are geographically scattered around the state, we have a perfect solution for connecting! It’s not digital; it’s not cloud-based; it’s old-fashioned hospitality in a beautiful setting.  For any group of 3 or more — up to 20 —  simply contact us a day or two in advance with approximate numbers and time of arrival.  At no cost, we … Read More

Framing History

History comes alive with framing! Old documents and historical prints tucked away for years have potential to become art, but require knowledgeable custom framing approaches.  When Marty Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Family Funeral Home, brought us a cover page of a 150+ year-old newspaper, we knew it was time for some careful planning. Not only was the document old, it … Read More

New Wine!

Art & Frame on Tour The team at Art & Frame on Main went ‘on tour’ to Snus Hill Winery to taste and select a few new wines to carry in the gallery.  Our host, Chris Hudnal, not only provided a generous tasting experience, but also gave us a tour and shared interesting backstories about the business and the wines. … Read More

Imagine Yourself Refreshed

When we say we’re refreshed, every one of us can have a different point of reference.  Let’s see if I can express what ‘being refreshed’ means to me. It’s taking a deep breath and smelling early Spring.  It’s being surrounded by things that make me feel alive and joyful. Yes, it’s spiritual and expansive and peaceful all at the same … Read More

Framing Heirlooms

Heirloom christening gowns

Andrea Wetmore, wife of Marshalltown’s former City Administrator, became sold on museum glass with an early framing project. When they accepted a position in another state, Andrea brought several pieces to “Art & Frame on Main” to be completed before the move. Among the projects was a previously framed shadow box with two christening gowns worn by ancestors. Originally, they … Read More