Imagine Yourself Refreshed

When we say we’re refreshed, every one of us can have a different point of reference.  Let’s see if I can express what ‘being refreshed’ means to me. It’s taking a deep breath and smelling early Spring.  It’s being surrounded by things that make me feel alive and joyful. Yes, it’s spiritual and expansive and peaceful all at the same … Read More

Framing Heirlooms

Heirloom christening gowns

Andrea Wetmore, wife of Marshalltown’s former City Administrator, became sold on museum glass with an early framing project. When they accepted a position in another state, Andrea brought several pieces to “Art & Frame on Main” to be completed before the move. Among the projects was a previously framed shadow box with two christening gowns worn by ancestors. Originally, they … Read More

Seeing Art in a New Light

When our gallery’s featured work goes into a home tour, we see it from a fresh perspective! As a gallery owner, I’m surrounded by original art, framing projects, and other artful items. My staff and I — OK, mainly my staff – constantly move things around and we marvel at new looks we can create by mixing the works of … Read More

Taking Art to the Office

Purposefully bringing art into the workplace is one way that you can improve the well-being of your team and your entire organization. Whatever is on the wall, visible to a guest or client, speaks volumes about the organization. Ideally, any art in public spaces should convey an image consistent with corporate values. If artwork has been in the same place … Read More