Finding Clues in Wedding Registries

Throwing someone off-guard is never my intention!   When a visitor in the gallery mentions needing a wedding gift but having no idea of the couple’s taste, I open my laptop and ask for bridal registry details.

This usually draws a startled look and an expression such as “I wanted to avoid those big box stores. That’s why I’m here!”

So I explain: “We’ll get an idea of their style, favorite colors, and maybe how they plan to decorate their home . . .  Then, we can seek out something that will be a hit!”

And it happens every time! Shower curtains, bedding, dishes, and kitchen accessories give us clues; then we find that striking item, in the right price rage, that will be a one-of- a-kind gift. It gets wrapped, free of charge, and the buyer loves our decorative label that attests to the fact that they sought out a locally-inspired gift.

The best outcome of all is the fact that this gift giver is remembered because the gift is unique! (Do you think of Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary — or was that the cousins? — when you fold the bath towels?) So, when there’s a registry to give you clues, remember there’s a nearby shop where you can be original!



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