FIVE smart reasons to REFRAME

It’s likely that most of us have something in our home or office that could benefit from reframing – even those of us who do this professionally! Maybe the item was inherited or perhaps it’s an art festival treasure in a ready-made frame.  It could simply have been framed long ago.  See if any of these five reasons to reframe fit your case:

  1. Repairs, anyone? The artwork slipped from its mounting, the frame corners are chipped, the matting is stained, or the glass is cracked . . . but the subject matter still has meaning. This is a no-brainer, but it’s easy to see why it might be residing in the closet. Don’t hesitate to bring the whole assembly to your custom framer, as disassembly is an art itself.
  2. Update & refresh! Excellent custom framers strive to frame your artwork in a timeless fashion with emphasis on the subject matter. But, like other aspects of design, trends in framing DO change.  Example: vividly-colored, multi-layer mats are out of date. The frame that matched the woodwork of your parent’s home, but doesn’t flatter the art, also deserves an update.
  3. Resize – up or down. A tiny stamp can be impressive in the right custom framed setting; a frame too imposing or a mat too large can dwarf the art or simply take up too much territory on a wall.  Here’s where knowledge of scale and proportion, plus interior design experience, helps form good recommendations.
  4. Protection – Protection – Protection! If it’s valuable enough to be custom framed, it deserves to be protected! Have you ever taken apart something framed 20+ years ago?  It might have rusted nails or dried masking tape holding it together, or the art may have actually ghosted onto the glass. Starting with the mounting and adhesives, we consider what’s safe today AND tomorrow.  ALL of our matting materials are archival, and ALL of the glass choices we offer have a 99% UV protection rating.  We’ll recommend which choice best suits your art:  conservation clear, reflection control, museum, or optimum acrylic.
  5. Last, but not least – Enjoy! This is almost guaranteed, since you decided that a previously framed item needs a new look, right? Finish off your recently redecorated space with a re-framed item of art or make that photo in a ready-made frame come to life, and prepare to smile every time you see it!  Leave a comment or question!!

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