Custom Framing

We bring art to life through custom framing! Nearly everyone has something that represents a memory tucked in a box, stored in a closet, or hiding under the bed. We’ll help transform that something into a framed treasure that will bring joy day after day.

We don’t just frame your treasure – we help preserve it for generations to come. Conservation mats that won’t fade and glass that blocks harmful UV light are standard on all projects. When the art requires only the best, we work with museum glass, archival mounting techniques, and a full range of practices that are honed though training and study as a member of Professional Picture Framers Association.

Nearly every project that we frame has a story! Grandmother’s christening gown, a grandchild’s finger painting, items purchased on an overseas trip, a time-worn flag, military memorabilia, your first concert poster — all of these “stories” have passed through our framing department. Knowing the story helps us appreciate the project and give it our very best! Stop back as we begin to tell those framing stories. One could be yours!

Call us to frame your memory! Appointments are suggested but not necessary.

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Contact us for all of your custom framing projects!

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