The Gift of Custom Framing Lasts a Lifetime

‘What to give!?!’  It’s a challenge that faces all of us at some time, and custom framing might be the perfect solution!  Anniversaries, graduations, weddings, retirements, special milestones — even times of grief — are all occasions that people mention when they come into the gallery with a treasure to be framed. A custom-framed gift will be treasured for a … Read More

Framing History

History comes alive with framing! Old documents and historical prints tucked away for years have potential to become art, but require knowledgeable custom framing approaches.  When Marty Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Family Funeral Home, brought us a cover page of a 150+ year-old newspaper, we knew it was time for some careful planning. Not only was the document old, it … Read More

Framing Heirlooms

Heirloom christening gowns

Andrea Wetmore, wife of Marshalltown’s former City Administrator, became sold on museum glass with an early framing project. When they accepted a position in another state, Andrea brought several pieces to “Art & Frame on Main” to be completed before the move. Among the projects was a previously framed shadow box with two christening gowns worn by ancestors. Originally, they … Read More