“I need a gift!”

Something Perfect is Inside

Nearly every day, one or more visitors to the gallery come in and say, “I need a gift, and I know I’ll find the right thing here.” They may add that it needs to be unbreakable, or packable, or under a certain dollar amount, but they rarely have a specific wishlist. And 99% of the time, we help them feel delighted, walking out with a perfect solution in a perfect gift-worthy presentation.

Why do these discerning people consider giving the gift of original art? We’ve listened and learned:

  1. It’s original! Sounds silly, but think of nearly every other gift idea: manufactured, duplicated 1,000s of times online, featured in commercials, and on those mundane ‘here’s what I could use’ gift lists.
  2.  It lasts! Most gifts of art are treasured for a lifetime and may even become heirlooms. They are on display, admired often, and the receiver delights in retelling the story behind the artist or the occasion.
  3. It’s an unexpected treat that can take many forms: pottery, glass, jewelry, reclaimed materials,  textiles, and even the well known art form – canvas for the wall!
  4. It demonstrates support and appreciation for real live people (the artists) and encourages the artists’ growth and ambition.  It also shows support for your local small business.
  5. It makes YOU, the giver, become well-remembered.  The recipient will always appreciate the giver’s time and effort to match the art piece to their personality, making the gift of original art even more precious.

Original art is a long-lasting, eye-catching, conversation-starting gift for any occasion. Put us to the test!!

P.S. At Art & Frame on Main, each purchase of art includes a short story about the artist, personalizing the gift with one more step!



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