Three Reasons to Get It Framed This Fall

The promise of a change of season is in the air! This morning, I could almost smell it. It’s a time of preparing for changes ahead, and this might include getting that custom framing project done. Read on for three reasons why it’s smart to get it framed THIS FALL.

Fall typically means moving your attention to the inside of your home. We’ve been on the patio, or we’re cleaning the garage, and now we’re faced with preparing for the “cocooning months.” We look at our interiors with a new and critical eye and say, “This needs to be refreshed!” Gladly, a solution is as easy as updating your accessories and artwork, and this is so rewarding! Here’s what you can do right now:
1. Kids’ artwork, concert posters, great photographs — anything that is meaningful but stored away in drawers or closets should be evaluated for custom framing.
2. Heirloom art that has been in your family but doesn’t fit your current decor can be revitalized with complementary framing that preserves the past, blends with the present, and transitions to the future — so it can continue to be an heirloom!
3. Anything you love that’s hanging on your walls might need some TLC: Museum glass for protection, conservation matting for best presentation, updated wiring and/or general clean-up. Yes, we do all of the above! If you are wondering about the condition of your art, simply bring it in for an HONEST assessment.

Beating the holiday season is another reason why NOW is a great time to get framing projects done. Who wants to make design decisions when a few hundred other things are on your to-do list? And who wants the stress of needing something at the last minute? However, who wants to save a few bucks? You read this correctly: We do great design and use quality materials AND can save you some $$ if we don’t have to race through the process!

And then there’s Pam’s pending retirement . . . She is a master designer of custom framing! Pam plans to retire at the end of this calendar year. If you wish to have your next framing project designed and framed by Pam, please call now for an appointment, 641-752-5737.