Try out Today’s Design Trends with Original Art

Are you an HGTV addict, like me? Maybe not, but if you’re on this blog, you have some interest in design, right? As a graduate of interior design (ISU, never mind the year) I try to stay tuned to trends. Trends are the themes that today’s top manufacturers are showing in their catalogs and on-line. And, yes, they are meant to be somewhat fleeting, or the manufacturer wouldn’t have something new to show you next season!

Trends inspire us to do something different in our environment.  For example, we’ve talked about the 2017 color of the year, “Greenery”, and there will be a new one soon.  Pulling pops of a fresh color into an interior with accessories or art is a great way to make a space feel updated.

Most of us would not buy an entire suite of furnishing and accessories pictured in an ad (in fact, please don’t . . . that’s not original) but we CAN treat ourselves to art that adds a fresh touch to an existing interior.  Here are some examples from the gallery:

You have no doubt noticed “Coastal” as a theme.  Fluid, cool, transforming, reflective, this look might be over-played in mid-western homes, but an accent with fiber, ceramic, or glass is very possible.

“Authentic Artisan”, “Farmhouse”, or Sophisticated Rustic” are titles you’ll see often in today’s trend-setters.  There’s no better way to translate these than with hand-crafted art in natural tones. Pictured: a huge burl bowl, ceramic vase, and small soup server.

“Industrial Loft” could play out in casual spaces — imagine a leather sofa and steamer trunk table.  Add a ‘Steam Punk’ lamp, metal on rustic wood wall hanging, or a solid clay wood-fired bookend, and VOILA, you have a new look!

“Relaxed Traditional” is wide open for translation, but I think it means “You are welcome here” or “We deserve to treat ourselves!” Illustrated is a cheese tray with blown glass cloche, sloughed glass hors doeuvre tray, reversible cutting board,leather bound journal, and ceramic yearn bowl — all made in Iowa.

Come to the gallery and start your own trend!


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