Who’s Who at “Art After Hours” in August

 One of 8 Midwest artists participating in “Art After Hours” in August is Elizabeth Rhoads Read of Cedar Rapids, pictured left with gallery owner, Pam Swarts.

“Art After Hours” connects art lovers with guest artists and their new artwork!  The August 2017 opening, Friday, August 18th, 4:00 t0 6:30 pm, features 8 central Iowa artists and their original 3-D work.  Tastings of Snus Hill wines and storytelling by the artists make it an interactive evening.

Gallery owner, Pam Swarts, and Melbourne artist, Nancy Adams, conceived this event and dubbed it ‘Art With Attitude’ based on Adams’ creations that portray emotions or irony. “It was then surprisingly easy to identify several other artists, some with work already in the gallery, whose work tells a story or makes a great conversation piece”, says Swarts.

Along with Adams, other assemblage artists whose work will be featured are Sara Gilbert, Le Grand, and Steve Hosch, Gilbert.  The use of found objects is common in assemblages, and all three artists say that the parts come together to create a whole that none of them could do individually.

Shelli Finch and Vicki Meyer, mixed media artists hailing from Marshalltown, will bring new art-on-canvas work to the show. Both use a variety of textural, sometimes discarded, material to enhance their acrylics, with the result being soft contemporary art the fits seamlessly in homes and offices.

Though their art is vastly different, Elizabeth Rhoads Read, Cedar Rapids, and David Zahn, Moline, Illinois, are the featured sculptors in the event.  Read’s work is paper transformed to abstract sculptures, while Zahn’s medium is clay and his art is more representational.

In a class of his own is Gary Harrington, Marshalltown, who builds ‘steampunk’ lamps using new steel, Edison lights, and an occasional antique embellishment.

All the participating artists entertain commissioned projects, and some of the pieces featured at the August 18th reception will remain in the gallery through September. Check out the event at  https://www.facebook.com/artandframeonmain

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