You won when Pam went to Vegas!

Great visuals communicate trends

Creating client satisfaction — no, client delight — was the focus of my learning during the annual convention of the Professional Picture Framers’ Association.  Held in Las Vegas, due to the size of the partnering trade show, this event was FULL of opportunities and resources to help me help YOU!  Some specific examples:

If you are a business or corporation, I made connections with several providers of high quality, affordable art that would fit reception rooms, board rooms or client consultation spaces.  The people behind the art will help you and me quickly find work that communicates your company philosophy and vision.

If you are remodeling a space in your home, the same connections described above offer on-trend, “before-you-see-it-in-stores” catalogs (now in my shop or on-line) tailored to various themes. Best news: With my design background, I can help you navigate the volume of resources!

If you have art that needs framing, or re-framing, I soaked up hundreds of tips and up-to-date looks. Some of the newest molding options will soon be on my display wall. You’ll be amazed at how “timeless” but fresh they are!!

Don’t forget — fresh artwork from over 70 Iowa artists arrives in the store all the time, and many of our artists are open to commissioned work just for you! Stop in regularly and tune into our Facebook page to see New Work!

Want to schedule an appointment? I’m happy to come to your home or place of business, as this is the easiest way to save you time and get it right!  Call Pam at 641-752-5737 or email


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